North Atlantic Climate Centre

Ocean, Atmosphere, Land, Life! Climate encompasses us all. Pictured, a snippet of Madeira, the pearl of the Atlantic.

From fundamental research and education to cutting-edge development and service, we are a solid, reliable partner to all those seeking to understand, nurture and protect the society and the environment

NORA Climate

We encompass Climate in its broadest sense, across an interdisciplinary interface among frontier natural, social and technical sciences, whilst preserving an extraordinarily strong scientific and methodological core in climate system science, grounded on world-class mathematical physics, geophysical sciences and information technologies, classical and quantum.

Academic and Scientific Excellence

We provide multilevel education and outreach ranging from the very basics in support of public and private education institutions, to higher-education at university programs including graduate and doctoral schools. Ensuring profound and robust scientific understanding and literacy enables our trainees, students and professionals to command rigorous comprehensive knowledge of the manifold science underneath Climate Dynamics and Predictability.

Lecturing Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, one of our core offerings at partner universities. Pictured, our chairman, Prof. Dr. Rui Perdigão

Refocusing on the Climate Core

NORA Climate is a robust key climate node in any Earth system consortium or alliance, without the dilution under generic environmental priorities. Rather, we are a whole hearted Climate Center. We make our own destiny. So we can best serve yours.

As a prime and independent international voice in Climate, we are the reference to call when Climate is fundamentally at stake. We are not data users: we harness novel information in innovative ways. We are not model users: we design, develop and operate novel models to provide unprecedented solutions.

Flying across the subpolar Atlantic on what used to be largely an ice-capped route.

Predicting the ‘unpredictable’

We provide a quantum leap in the dynamic sensing, modelling, understanding and prediction of complex system dynamics, critical transitions and extremes, including unprecedented features elusive to state-of-the-art sensing and prediction systems.

Our partners and clients are not caught by surprise when disaster strikes. They obtain exclusive in-depth analytics, prognostics and decision support from our unrivalled prediction services. And with that, those who rely in us fulfil the most important mission of all: save lives and secure their livelihoods.

Our groundbreaking advances bring to the light of seamless prediction what used to be deemed unpredictable such as elusive and unprecedented features in highly impactful criticalities and extremes. Our leading edge is empowered by fundamental advances in theoretical and information physics and quantum technologies for sensing, modelling and analytics led by our head stakeholder, the Meteoceanics Institute for Complex System Science.

Sustainability and Prosperity

Our operation is conducted in a physically consistent, ethically mindful, socially just, and ecologically and economically fruitful manner. We do not work solely towards sustainability. We work towards prosperity. Prosperity for the Earth system, which entails concessions from everybody, for the benefit of all. Promoting a sensible and constructive coevolution between humans and nature.

The “Levadas” in Madeira, man-made channels redistributing surplus water across Madeira from the wetter North to the drier South, promoting an overall verdant, irrigated, prosperous island.

KlimaBanK – Empowering and protecting our planet with our new Financial Unit for Climate Development and Insurance

North Atlantic Climate Centre

Connecting the forefront Climate Science community within and around the North Atlantic.

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