KlimaBanK: Climate Development Bank

Citation: Perdigão R.A.P. (2021): https://doi.org/10.46337/kb.210621

KlimaBanK – Climate Development Bank – is a pioneer financial unit firmly grounded on the values and action of our North Atlantic Climate Centre, to empower and foster climate system education, research, innovation and service, along with the coevolutionary socio-environmental dynamics in the face of global challenges in a just, responsible, resilient, sustainable manner, towards a healthier, fairer thriving planet.

Empowering and leveraging climate system education, research, innovation and service, generating multiscale planetary value.

Climate Development Bank

At the onset of the Industrial Age, solid development banks were established that leveraged ambitious high-risk high-potential initiatives that ultimately led to fundamental breakthroughs shaping our modern world.

Now it is time to foster, leverage and power an even more ambitious task, that of facing unprecedented global challenges and compound risks facing our society and environment at all scales.

The KlimaBanK comes as a reliable partner to support such ambitious action, from local retail to large scale sovereign and intergovernmental efforts, in a synergistic value-generating manner inherent to a successful development bank structure.

Natural Hazard Insurances

Brave natural and compound hazards in a changing climate. Benefit from world class scientific, technical and operational skill and expertise across the climate and Earth system sciences and engineering, along with natural and compound hazards, risk assessment, information science, actuarial science, asset and risk management and socio-environmental policy making.

The KlimaBanK thus offers further environmental and natural hazard prevention and protection, not only for societal functional units, i.e. families, but also to economic agents, ranging from homesteads and farms so directly vulnerable to environmental extremes, to an entire production and value chain all the way to the tertiary sector including insurers and reinsurers.

Environmental Derivatives

Invest and operate on financial instruments deriving from environmental processes, leveraging natural conservation, restoration, research, development, education and participating in their promising results.

Take part in a thriving market strengthening sustainability and resilience and building capabilities and assets to turn multiscale challenges facing our planet into valuable opportunities to harness the potential of ingenuity and creativity in developing innovative solutions – not only to preserve, but to empower and enhance environmental prosperity.

The KlimaBanK is also introducing a dedicated working currency to facilitate and expedite the exchange and processing of resources in fulfilment of the NORA Climate missions and of all those who join us in this fundamental planetary quest, from local to global.

Also integrated in the Main Street financial system, NORA KlimaBanK operates with all major idoneous operators and sovereign currencies

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