NORA Climate – Academic and Scientific Excellence

From fundamental research and education to cutting-edge development and service, we are a solid, reliable partner to all those seeking to understand, nurture and protect the society and the environment

Academic and Scientific Excellence

We provide multilevel education and outreach ranging from the very basics in support of public and private education institutions, to higher-education at university programs including graduate and doctoral schools. Ensuring profound and robust scientific understanding and literacy enables our trainees, students and professionals to command rigorous comprehensive knowledge of the manifold science underneath Climate Dynamics and Predictability.

The world is permanently evolving, and so must science as well. Our science is never laid to rest in fossilised dogmas. We are permanently questioning, researching, developing, innovating, so that we provide you with an unrivalled lead in the latest advances so you can make sense of the world and make informed decisions with the best available knowledge and mechanisms at hand.

Lecturing Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, one of our core offerings at partner universities. Pictured, our chairman, Prof. Dr. Rui Perdigão

NORA Climate School

We provide a broad diversity of educational, training and enabling programs tailored to audiences of all ages and educational levels

North Atlantic Climate Centre

Connecting the forefront Climate Science community within and around the North Atlantic.

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