NORA Climate – Refocusing on the Climate Core

From fundamental research and education to cutting-edge development and service, we are a solid, reliable partner to all those seeking to understand, nurture and protect the society and the environment

Refocusing on the Climate Core

NORA Climate is a robust key climate node in any Earth system consortium or alliance, without the dilution under generic environmental priorities. Rather, we are a whole hearted Climate Center. We make our own destiny. So we can best serve yours.

As a prime and independent international voice in Climate, we are the reference to call when Climate is fundamentally at stake. We are not data users: we harness novel information in innovative ways. We are not model users: we design, develop and operate novel models to provide unprecedented solutions.

Our scientific network ranges from world-class academic and research institutions to local emerging entities with strong potential and motivation to contribute to our highly challenging quests.

Our action network ranges from national and international entities nurturing our planet from the oceanic depths to outer space, to local agents and operators promoting focused action on the field.

Flying across the subpolar Atlantic on what used to be largely an ice-capped route.

Empowering the Earth Sciences with Quantum Technologies at Meteoceanics QITES

North Atlantic Climate Centre

Connecting the forefront Climate Science community within and around the North Atlantic.

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